52 and counting

52! I am 52!!  My Mother turned 82 yesterday.  Had a party for her at the nursing home where she lives with others who have needed the care that only professionals can give for Alzheimer’s.  52…  What will I do in the next 30 years to make sure that I have done all I can do to avoid the same fate?  I have worked out almost all of my adult life, even as part of my adult career path.  But now, at 52, I do not have the drive to work out that I once had.  I believe it to be divine retribution for telling so many to workout and take care of themselves.  My words shout loudly back to me, “If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be around to take care of anyone else.”  and now…I am faced with those words to embrace.  I didn’t go to the nursing home today, because I was just to exhausted.  I am staring at the exercise bike that sits next to my bed, and I just continue to stare.  My mind is engaged, my body continues to sit.  Where did all my stamina go?  I used to run circles around EVERYONE!  Now, I could watch T.V. until my eyes fall out.  And dieting????  What diet!  The see-food diet perhaps….I see food, I eat it!!  I try to be kind to myself and remind myself that this is a difficult time in my life, and I should give myself a break.  But, everyday when I start to get ready for work and I stand in my closet searching for something that still fits, I berate myself and swear this is who I will not be!  I have invested so much of my hard-earned money in clothes, that I will not live in elastic waistbands and pretend that I still am living a life that I am happy with. 

So, tomorrow is Monday, again….BUT…I will AGAIN, start the diet and exercise plan that I know will be effective and will provide me with more benefits than clothes that fit.  I will be successful, because I have had so much practice at it I have it down, and I will be happier and feel better and a lot easier to live with. 

So tomorrow…..here I come!  Be prepared for 2 weeks of sustained blogging and endurance for the task that I have laid out for myself.  I will be the beneficiary, and healthier so that I will be enjoying my life at 82, sharp minded, active and alert, surrounded by family and enjoying the fruits of a life well lived!


Where do you want to go?

Working with individuals, small groups or entire communities, I have found that most people have NO IDEA of where they want to go?  Go meaning; start, move, complete, accomplish or change.  Once I am able to to ask enough strategic questions to help people decide what it is they truly want to change, I am amazed at what they are able to accomplish.  Being crystal clear on what it is you want is what really has the power to make your life, group or community different. 

Today I worked with a group of committed constituents in Martinsville.  I have no doubt that these people will make steps to create change and energy now that they have an idea and plan about what it is they are actually trying to do.  Coaching communities to realize their full potential is so rewarding.  People amaze me at their ability to come up with alternative thinking, once they have been given “permission” to think about what they are actually capable of doing.  Where did we get these imaginative road blocks?  It’s sad that we actually allow what other have told us, or we have, by whatever sad imagination, taken on some distorted thinking that paves the way for our future.  We need to STOP and change our thinking and knock the debris out-of-the-way that prohibits us from exploring and risking enough of our safety net to experience life at a higher level!!

Hello world!

My first BLOG!  I never thought I would be blogging, but here I go….Hello World! 

Choosing my blog name was a challenge at first, but then, it didn’t take long, to figure out what I am known for or defines me.  I could view it as sad, but acutally it makes my life pretty simple and happy…. a Starbucks, tall, 4 pump, no water, extra hot chi tea!  It doesn’t get any better.  My breakfast, my social start up for the day, my morning routine and all around glimmer of hope for a day filled with possiblity…..in a cup.

When I tested out my new blog name on a few key individuals in my life,  I was immediately affirmed in my decision.  Yes, even the people at multiple Starbucks, in several states that have no idea what my NAME is…. know me as the 4 pump, no water, extra hot chi tea lady!!  It’s so bad that I can be in line at a Starbucks, the barrista notices me standing in line, and when I get to the bar to ORDER my drink, they have already made it for me and have it waiting there!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!! 🙂

Can you really have a days worth of possibility in a cup?  Well I can tell you this….if the barrista screws up, which actually doesn’t happen that often, which is why I still buy Starbuck stock, my day doesn’t have quite the kick or fevor, as when I taste that first sip of zing from a pefectly constructed 4 pump, no water, exatra hot chi.  It’s this; chi tea has the potential of being the same everday, but because of the complexity and perfectly balanced pumped tea syrup splashing into the cup, it has the POTENTIAL to be different.  Now different can be good OR bad.  When it’s perfect, there is nothing like it, when it’s bad, there is the opportunity for HOPE in the next days cup to BE perfect again.  Not quite Zen, but close. 

Since this is my first blog, I don’t want to over stimulate my many readers…ha-ha… with my Starbucks wisdom.  But stay tuned to hear how you can learn more about the wisdom of a simple gal who listens well and loves to see other’s succeed. 

Until then, may I suggest you find your nearest Starbucks, shouldn’t be that hard, and order the tall, 4 pump, extra hot, no water chi (got the recipe…I’ve only given it to you a zillion times here) and think about life 🙂

Good day and good thoughts,